Monday, March 6, 2017

How to Get Ahead in Business with Simple Mind Techniques

Who says only CEO has all the power to influence people? In any organizations even those at the bottom of the rung can exert considerable influence as long as you know the right people and have right techniques. Simple strategies can help you get others do whatever you want them to do without having them even realize it. No, these are not dark arks intended to harm someone, but are psychological methods you can use to your advantage.

Want to be more successful at work and life? Then here is what Steve Liefschultz suggests you do.


There is scientific evidence that if people are nodding along as they listen to something, there is a greater probability of them being in agreement with it. Adding to this, scientists also observed that if someone is continuously nodding while speaking, then the recipients will also start to do the same. Mimicking behaviors, particularly ones with positive meanings, is a well-known human trait.

What you need to do is to nod frequently without being awkward to make your argument extra convincing. The person in front will be persuaded automatically. Try it the next time you ask a question or a favor.


How do you make friends with someone and get them to like you the instant you meet? The easiest thing you can do is to include their name during the first five minutes into your conversation. Again, avoid the awkward and make it sound natural to be effective. Phrases like “hello (insert)” and “nice to meet you (insert)” will resonate with them positively such that they will feel inclined to prefer the person who validated their existence over another.

Also, for someone who wants to be closer to can be influenced likewise can be worked in simply by calling them “mate” or “friend” whenever possible.